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The eponymous Abbey is a flawed character who in ventures to Africa with little more on his mind than sex with Hottentot women.

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While serving as a doctor in Natal, he witnesses the burning to death of a Zulu boy by a white mob, and does nothing to save the child. What follows is a tense, historical picaresque as Abbey flees the curse, comes to understand the evils of his paymasters, and seeks his revenge against them. North employs a fascinating supernatural conceit to explore the complicity and guilt of those involved in colonialism.

Over the course of half a dozen novels Alison Littlewood has built a reputation for atmospheric, well researched and impeccably observed horror stories. Following the deaths of her husband and son, Leah Hamilton buys a derelict farm in remote Yorkshire — partly because her husband had wished to renovate the place, partly to keep her busy over a lonely Christmas.

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Then Leah begins to experience visions from the past, and learns that the farm harbours a terrible secret. Mistletoe is a creepy, page-turning triumph enlivened with excellent folkloric details, beautiful descriptions of winter landscapes and sensitive characterisation. Two races exist in a super-heated future, where lava flows between impacting tectonic plates and cities are surrounded by inhospitable deserts. The Bleek dominate the Vary, an under-race treated little better than cattle. Revenant - paperback.

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