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Health Care for Foreigners in Cuba: The Cuban government has established a for-profit health system for foreigners called Servimed, which is entirely separate from the free, not-for-profit system that takes care of Cuban citizens. Please provide information suchas location what part of Cuba its located and contact information suchas phone numbers or even websites where I can get information but unfortunately I cannot understand spanish which is why I cannot find out for myself.

They are the ones you Football legend Diego Maradona blazed a path for Cuba to become a medical tourism destination when he traveled to the island for drug addiction treatment in All you need to know about travel to Cuba with kids! I recall us having a heated conversation but there were great links provided and I have a friend in desperate need of surgery for her eyes and that option may be her only avenue.

Cuba is one of the leading countries in cure lung cancer,prostate,brain cancer,breast cancer.


Since May 1st , all foreigners who travel to Cuba must be covered by a travel insurance that includes a medical care benefit. Healthcare in Cuba Find out more about healthcare in Cuba. Latest travel advice for Cuba including safety and security, entry requirements, travel warnings and health. Just a few miles from the city's downtown area, the center has what it takes to make patients have a nice stay in Cuba.


UK uses cookies which are essential for the site to work. That way, living in Cuba can be an amazing experience, with joyful, welcoming people and constant sunshine. Download now. Among numerous achievements within oftalmology,dermathology,diabetes,Cuba can boast of enormous achievements within oncology. The government controls access to all local hospitals for overseas patients, and has just relaunched Servimed.

Learn valuable visa and safety information about Cuba before your trip. There is a veil that exists between our two countries, and any information that makes it through this veil, whether positive or negative, has always been suspect to me. How to choose a travel insurance for Cuba. All the details are listed under the Servimed website. Cuba has a two-tiered health system, where the general population is served by public facilities in which care is provided free of cost, and tourist hospitals managed under the state-owned company Servimed cater to paying visitors — most of them from countries with lower standards of care and poorer facilities, or simply with higher costs.

Miguel A. A fully stocked medical kit is also recommended. La Sanidad para extranjeros en Cuba. Do local business owners recommend servimed cuba? Visit this page to learn about the business and what locals in Miami have to say. Those who yearn for a more "egalitarian" and "equitable" system of medical care "like the one in Cuba" are not familiar with the extraordinary saga of Cuban physician Dr.

How good is the health care provided for foreigners in Cuba? The Cuban government has established a for-profit medical system for foreigners called SERVIMED, which is entirely separate from the free, not-for-profit system that takes care of Cuban citizens. The doctor Dr.

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It is the best advice we can give to a person who wants to organize their vacations to Cuba. Cubanacan Tourism and Health, formerly Servimed, is a specialised healthcare provider with over 17 years The U. Cuba is generally a very safe country to visit; in fact it's even one of the safest destinations in all of the Americas, the crime rate is very low.

In this issue we bring you information about Servimed, which has been providing healthcare services to visitors with the highest ethical, scientific, and humanitarian standards for 20 years. Superior local facilities may also discourage some local people from costly travel overseas for medical care.

Calle 20 No. They will enjoy learning about the culture and see life from another perspective. Traveling to Cuba with kids is possible and there are plenty of activities for the family to share. Cuba biedt zijn inwoners al toegang tot dit medicijn. The basic promise of the program is a new life for the former addict who successfully rehabilitates in these institutions. Universidad Ciencias medicas Matanzas. There is one part of the Cuban government with plenty of dollars to spend on medical products - Servimed.

Sometimes Cardenas' pioneering condition also extends to electric public light, as the city was the first to use this utillity in Cuba, in It is a potentially non-toxic product that is administered through oral consumption. Por esto se hace necesario contar con el seguro de viajes a Cuba.

Skip to main content. Latin America. This is the official institution in Cuba that is the only responsible and authorized to communicate with persons who are not citizens of Cuba.

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For those visiting Cuba, the intent is to ensure that those on holiday have adequate travel medical coverage prior to arriving on the island of Cuba. By Roberto F. Servimed operates its facilities strictly as a commercial enterprise. Servimed is working in Hospitals activities. Servimed Havana. Flying to Cuba? Bring proof of health coverage. Cuba turns to medical tourism as revenue generator. Cuba wants health tourists for the same reason it sells nickel and invites foreign corporations to build beach hotels: This country desperately needs hard currency.

Ali at this clinic diagnosed my problem and started treatment. The purpose of joining a company of 25 years of creation to the SMC is to expand the marketing of seven service lines. Cuba is located in an active earthquake zone and is susceptible to tsunamis. If you plan to travel to Cuba, make sure you are familiar with the sanctions. ServimedVidatox uploaded, puedes corroborar en la embajada de cuba para mayor seguridad. Tweet Article; Share on Linkedin; Share on Facebook; If you are planning a trip to Cuba, did you know that you will have to provide proof of health insurance in order to enter the country?

Canadians are a target market for eye surgery, dentistry, cosmetic surgery, medical check-ups and orthopedics. Cuba has cradle-to-grave free health care for its citizens and about one doctor for every people. Add reviews and photos for Servicuba, Inc.

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Cuba is also experimenting with cross-border supply and commercial presence in the area of health services, although the activities carried out under these two modes are to be seen mainly as ancillary to the promotion of services exports under Modes 2 and 4. Read our guide and find out all about different destinations, healthcare, and accommodation in Cuba. Media suggestions that it is or soon will be legal for American medical tourists to go to Cuba are wrong. Join to Connect. The general population is served by neighborhood-based facilities where care is free, and tourist hospitals which are managed under a state-owned company, Servimed, which caters to paying medical tourists from countries all over the world.

However, Santiago de Cuba is also famous for its colorful carnival, an annual celebration Cubans are particularly proud of.

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