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Raspberry is a fanfiction author that has written 20 stories for Warriors, IT, and I'​m Crimson (And/or Raspberry!), I was Mistyflame. Fav Books- Warrior Cats! .. he really was as strong as the storm he was born during, or just a lovesick tom. Marsh meets up with his past mate, Ice, one last as he takes his last​.

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  2. The Chinese Knot and Other Stories.
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  4. An der Grenze der Freiheit: Die US-Verbände am Eisernen Vorhang 1945 - 1990 und die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Bundesgrenzschutz (German Edition).

Author, The Healthy Coconut, With great patience and sensitivity she took my writing to a professional and polished level. Her attention to detail, and her positive support was a breath of fresh air. She guided me through difficulties and even at times despair, with great care and intelligence.

My book would not have reached the calibre it is without her help and guidance. Author, Grail Haven Flower Essences. Her creative genius was matched only by her patience in gleaning the essence of what we were trying to communicate, and turning our wordy waffly gibberish into a coherent, easily navigable website. I highly recommend Gaynor as a master wordsmith. When the time came to compose text for my website and brochures, there was no question that I would go to her first.

My biggest fear was that I might not be able to describe my very unique offering in a way that she would understand well enough to tell to the world.

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I was thrilled to see what came back! I was also surprised at how fast she turned it around. I was really working on a deadline so I was grateful for that! I contacted Gaynor and found very quickly that she not only know what she was doing, but she had an extraordinary ability to ask questions about what was missing in the manuscript.

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This furniture paint goes a long way. Want an all round great sealer? It can be applied with a brush or rag. Leaves a beautiful matte finish. Eggshell can also be used as a Decoupage medium.

How scary is that!!! This pot is actually plastic. Change the look and style of your decor.

This little angel will not see Christmas, nor her 3rd birthday, and nor will her sister. Happy 11th Birthday to my son Elijah.

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They all look up to You. This one is Belgium. The Ultimate Finish Range is a mineral paint which is eco certified and is an acrylic water-based paint.

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Ultimate finish mineral paint requires minimal prep and is fully washable. Touch dry in hours and cured within 7 days.

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  • Able to be shabbied up as you do with chalk paints. Suitable for outdoor furniture pieces. No offensive odours. Made in Australia and meets Australian standards. No need to seal with this paint, just paint and you're done. Eggshell Top Coat in Black. Low sheen level.

    Using nature to promote self-healing

    This product is durable and leaves behind a sheen level similar to an eggshell. Eggshell Top Coat clear can be used in a similar way to modge to decoupage, and transfer. Using wallpaers?